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Prince Group's ESG Principles

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In the middle of the global pandemic that led to enormous economic devastations, the Prince Group, headed by the Cambodian Neak Oknha Chen Zhi, ensures environmental, social and governance practices in the Cambodian society. Prince Group Chen Zhi was in full force to apply these principles to Cambodia.

The pandemic is a test of Cambodian companies' good environmental, social and management practices at a time where many people have difficulties with their jobs, their health and even their relationships. In 2020, by providing the conglomerate group with additional contributions to Cambodia society, Prince Group will strengthen its policies on responsibility. Chen Zhi, Chairman of the Prince Group, has been the main driver behind many massive donations from the Prince Group to help combat health problems and rescue flood victims. The Chairman of the Prince Group has made a point since April of committing large-scale donations in the context of the environment. Even in December, Chen Zhi and Prince Group provided Prime Minister Hun Sen with the aid of US$ 3 million to secure 1 million nationwide vaccine orders.

Cambodian companies, such as the Prince Group, have recently increased their environmental, social and governance practices since 2015. They emphasized these good principles much more, which help to improve Cambodian society. According to the GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database report, this involvement in such practices has twice increased. Most practices originate in the country's financial sector. Such practices are thought to contribute to a more competitive economy in Cambodia and to stimulate foreign investment and improve the business environment. Under Neak Oknha Chen Zhi, the Prince Group illustrates the following concepts to enhance Cambodia.

Chen Zhi and Prince Group have contributed a great deal to the promotion of cash and supplies against the pandemic in Cambodia as part of Prince Group's environmental, social and management efforts. The total contribution amounted to more than one million. Some flood relief items for flood victims are: rice, immediate noodles and drinking water. Chen Zhi contributed even half a million US dollars in his personal capacity to assist flood victims. In addition, the Prince Group and the Government of Cambodia contributed significantly to the purchase and delivery of the vaccines to Cambodians at no cost in December 2020.

These two disasters that ravaged the country have proven to be a test time for Prince Group's good environmental, social and governance practices. Their aims are to benefit the Cambodian people and to uphold their commitment to the responsibilities of the local society. Neak Oknha Chen Zhi has made the Prince Group a leading group in Cambodia with a strong focus on international standards, future investment and good sustainability in business practices. These are the best practices and philosophies for Prince Group. Chen Zhi works outside his business activities in the community and in philanthropy. Indeed, Chen Zhi, together with his corporation, Prince Group, are very dedicated into improving the community of the Cambodian people in terms of environmental, social and governance principles.

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